Raising the profile of payroll: practical steps and top tips

I really enjoyed meeting with Nick Day from JGA Recruitment recently to discuss; my top tips and advice for payroll management, visions for the future of payroll, call to arms to HMRC and updates on what I’ve been up to as part of the different associations I am involved with.

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My key takeaways from our discussion are as follows:

Personal development: it’s who you know AND what you know

I would thoroughly recommend being a part of at least one of the many external payroll committees and working groups out there, particularly if you are looking to launch your career in the industry. I find the satisfaction of making a difference, raising awareness of the importance of our profession and sharing best practice and experience is some of the best personal development I could gain.

The proof is in the practicality of the pudding

Whilst HMRC’s commitment to digital transformation and a digital-forward strategy might be hailed as a progressive step in the Public sector, it appears this digital focus is to the detriment of service delivery and ensuring a best practice approach to resolving customer challenges.

My advice for HMRC is listen to the external experts, who see, experience and hear of the significant practical challenges in implementing certain digital initiatives – we really want to help. As payroll agents we need to speak up about the over commitments HMRC make on our behalf and speak out against the current lack of understanding about the time lag in the practical delivery of digital projects.

Algorithms, automation and application

Over the next 5 years I foresee AI automation taking an increasingly significant role in our industry, revolutionising payroll software and delivering great efficiency savings. That being said, I don’t believe we are about to be absorbed by algorithms and automation. I believe the demand for talent will be for payroll technicians and technical specialists; those who can understand, analyse, apply and extrapolate the swathes of legislation coming into play and the impact of this on the intricacies and nuances of their organisation. People with process development, management and system expertise who can oversee the implementation and running of payroll automation, troubleshoot and treat risks because, like I’ve always said, we don’t simply pay people because paying people isn’t simple.

For more top tips, here’s the link to the full podcast – I hope you enjoy it!

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