CIOT survey on need for dedicated PAYE helpline for agents

I am regularly invited to speak at local CIOT meetings and after the last East Midlands gathering in Loughborough I was contacted by one of the delegates Barbara Harewood  who is a member of the CIOT working together sub-group who are lobbying for a dedicated agent helpline for PAYE. HMRC have dismissed this saying there is no evidence that one is needed. I, like Barbara, disagree and I’ve agreed to  circulate a survey form from CIOT and would encourage and agents to complete it. Here’s what Barbara said in her message to me:

‘I have produced a form for agents to use to record the delays and other issues arising when they try to contact HMRC about PAYE and RTI (or anything else!). I attach a copy below.  

Would you kindly mention to agents, both tax and payroll, that they can log on to the CIOT Working Together Forum and let us know the details of problems that they have getting through to HMRC on the Employers’ Helpline. This will then assist us in re-opening the issue with HMRC, by providing the evidence that they request. The link is :

 They will see my post – “Waiting on the Telephone….” !!  

If they are not CIOT members, agents will have to register to add a post to the forum, I think, which I hope shouldn’t be an issue. Alternatively, they might just prefer to download the form and when they’ve completed it scan it and email it to :

 then we can collate them and submit them to HMRC to give them the evidence that they need.



Date of call

Time call commenced

Time call ended

Brief description of reason for calling





Line of Business (select)

PAYE : SA : VAT/Excise : Tax Credits : Child Benefit : Employers Helpline/RTI : National Insurance : Payment Enquiry Line : SDLT : Trust and Estates : Other (please specify)





PAYE: 0300 200 3300

Self-Assessment: 0300 200 3310

VAT / Excise: 0300 200 3700

Tax Credits: 0345 300 3900

Child Benefit: 0300 200 3100

Employers Helpline: 0300 200 3200

National Insurance: 0300 200 3500

Payment Enquiry Line: 0300 200 3401

SDLT: 0300 200 3510

Trust and Estates: 0300 200 3311