Better late than never – the New Starter Checklist

The amended New Starter Checklist was noticeable by its absence when all the other employer documentation was published for the next tax year in late February. So it was good to see it appear today, only to find that it is not as promised a pdf file that can be printed off but an online form! What a pity that stakeholder input about how such forms are used in the real world, still never seems to make an impression on those who run GOV.UK.

It seems that the best solution is to design a bespoke form where you can drop in the amended student loan wording so you can print if off and distribute it.

I’ve also asked HMRC and been assured that GOV.UK have got new statutory payment tables ready to publish and that we might get them before 6th April.

Look out for guidance on whether the new student loan process might mean you have to offer in-year refunds to student loan repayers. It’s also promised in the last week of March, just when we might be a little busy with closing down a tax year and dealing with whatever the Budget throws at us…