Are you looking for ways to manage your payroll processing better?

I’ve recently seen ‘Payflow’ in action; a complete payroll management solution which works alongside any payroll software, and I’m a strong advocate. It works based on the payday and payroll processes you set in the system, creating prioritised tasks and actions for you and your team.

What I love about this scheduling system is the way it alerts teams and agents ahead of the late line, allowing departments to work with optimum efficiency.

In our digital age, it is not enough to work on spreadsheets or manual paper systems alone. As we all know Payroll is a complex process and must be managed in a sophisticated manner. Payflow meets these digital demands, measuring what is late, why and how late it was completed, so you can continue to enhance your processing, significantly reduce administrative effort and optimise your team deployment.

Payflow reports to senior staff members how work is progressing, across all payrolls, giving them full sight of the status of tasks:

  • Green – work should start
  • Amber – work must have started (and if someone is working on it)
  • Red – task is late

You can also view key graphics and reports during and following the payroll delivery process so you can always stay on track.

Another real plus is that, in order to help you further with optimising your processes, Payflow feeds discussions on how the payroll operation may need to be adjusted to improve service delivery (for example: should the customer be given more time? Do tasks need to start earlier to stop “rush” working?), allowing procedures to be refined to suit you and your clients.

Users also have the choice to include the customer in the delivery process by sharing the Payflow engage portal with them.

When the customer is included they receives a task, just as payroll staff do, for their work in the process flow (sending data or signing off pay amounts, for example). Customers are automatically alerted, via email and in the system itself, of the work required of them. Customers can submit spreadsheets and data through the highly secure engage portal too.

I believe that this portal alone could be a huge asset to any organisation. It means payroll teams can focus on what matters most and ensure they build a quality relationship with customers rather than chasing them. Data is in one highly secure but accessible place and tracked with time stamps for easy review and reference.

Payflow is an innovative solution for managing a payroll department, team or company, built from an outside-in approach and by working closely with payroll bureaus, shared service centres and accountants offering payroll.

I strongly recommend this solution to compliment your current systems and support you in enhancing your payroll processing. Because after all, we don’t simply pay people, because paying people isn’t simple.

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